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Prophetic Super Powers

The Power behind Prophetic Powers.

What is a prophet?

A prophet is seer, a person who speaks forth, they have the ability to see the future, a prophet must have both a teaching and revelatory role declaring God’s truth on contemporary issues while also revealing details about the future. A prophet has to touch the present and the future and has to be instrumental in guiding his fans, followers and members, the house of God is built on the foundation of the prophets; otherwise without there isn’t one

What determine the powers of a prophet over the other?

A prophet must be miraculous, must see things and be of great help to the people in and outside his house of worship, things and wonders the prophet does determine his strengths as compared to other prophets. Prophets of old had their spiritual masters where they would consult to extend their prophetic powers; to be a prophet does not mean only to preach and foresee the future but also to force the out comes to your people into good and bright ones while you are able to save and protect them when they need that protection, and the question is ‘how do you prophet protect them when you are vulnerable to what affects them and need protection more than they do’ In this case a prophet need powers otherwise he loses his congregation as he is seen to be weaker and not fit to be a prophet.

Does the age say anything or limit a person to be a prophet or to have prophetic and miraculous powers?

Age in nowadays is a concern when it comes to prophetic powers that people use in this era of living as compared to the ancient prophets in the horn era and the other times of living of old times. Long back prophets were very-very old people more especially men as we have had of very few prophetesses who were not free and did not make it due to oppression of women in that era of living. Look at this era of living the prophets are our brothers the young guys ‘Where is the source of their prophetic powers’ what is behind their success with their church businesses? Why are they so much reach than the people they pray for, there is a secret and it is none of your business, just follow.

Why not the old-old guys in the prophetic job before, does God not consider experience anymore?

The secret behind the powers is that when you are too old, the spirits that are set to you prophet to have these powers and so much of the prophetic gift can no longer hold to that old and weak blood due to age. During Hebrew times it was simple because to be a prophet was simple a calling as with a Sangoma in our African way of calling but in their Hebrew belief system unlike today anyone can be a powerful prophet who does magic, miracles and wonders with greater prophetic powers form his consultation with those who offer those services and create those gifts. If you don’t match the prophetic size your followers expect, you are not one and you don’t have a church that is the church of today. The blood of the old people cannot stand for things that are used to create these prophetic powers the prophets of today use; prophets of today are too powerful than we expect with God himself and the old bodies cannot stand or hold those powers.

Are there levels in prophetic powers/ bigger and or smaller?

Yes there are levels in prophetic powers and that is why one prophet seems powerful than the other yet they are said to be of one God and serving one god, even the source of their prophetic powers and miracle performance would have come/sourced from different people who possess different levels of powers. Looking at the prophets today one just come from nowhere like a seedling coming from underground and take the world by storm being the most famous that those who long existed, it is because of the level of powers sourced, it make this prophet followed, known, loved, preferred, favored, donated to and showered with gifts from left hand, right and Centre than those who long existed, it is the level of prophetic powers sourced.

What is a true prophetic gift, how do you see/know this is a true prophet?

It will be quite a headache to try to find out who real is a true and unscrupulous prophet, I’m not sure what does one consider a true and a false prophet since God has never shown in person to say this one yes and that one no. These prophets teach one and the same bible so if it helps you to follow them and there are good fruits that keeps you going so why worry, anything that works for you just hold on. How do you see you are not competent prophet ‘it is by having too much problems and not prospering whilst your counterparts enjoy the fruits of their flocks and simply by being overcome by your competitors and having loads of enemies.

Does a prophet have to do good things only; is a prophet aligned with God, Ancestors, or traditional healers?

No not at all, it is long-long back that prophets were bound to do good things only, but still they failed to comply, some due to their anger and others due to their envy, many prophets used their prophetic gifts to curse and possibly kill. The prophet Elisha had a very long bold head from forehead to near end of the head to the back so says the bible. It is said in the bible that young boys mocked and laughed at him and he called Hyenas and they came and tear them up and that was the curse. Yes the Prophets are the people aligned with God through as saints and spiritual leaders in Hebrew, Judaism, Christianity and all the Abrahamic religions in their denomination in their diversity. Prophets are highly respected members of the society and the whole of the spiritual communities, but still nowadays if a prophet needs to build his palace, his empire on a good, big and sustaining brand name; he must have powers and miraculous acts, then he is guaranteed the growth of his church and a profitable church business. Prophets have become brand names nowadays, without powers and abilities to perform miracles the prophet does not exist. A prophet must possess powers to heal and to harm if necessary because he is in war in a spiritual realm and has the duty to protect the people; this is where he needs powers the most. There are some acts of the prophets in the bible that you may consider near witchcraft due to their brutality but we still have to consider that in a war one has to win for his side and for his people and wars and battles means fight any way you can and come to victory.

Is it good for a prophet to curse?

Yes it is good for a prophet to curse if necessary, a prophet is a human being like everybody, they are mocked, teased, criticized, robbed, lied to, attacked and possibly bewitched like any other humans and the only tools they have to retaliate is their prophetic powers. In times of old many people were cursed by prophets, and many were healed so many miraculous acts were done as the living proof that prophetic powers are there and the curse was used as the other proof to those who deserved cursing.

Prophets, Powers and Miracles

The true powers behind prophetic powers of today are from a Sangoma and Nyangas (Traditional healers, these powers draw multitudes of Christians and if a prophet doesn’t have these powers does not have or conform to prominence according to the people and today’s followers expectations.

Some Prophets of today with their forged acts of miracles

Some prophets will train their members as in how to fall when they are prayed for or how to pretend to be possessed with demon spirits even some testimonies in some churches are falsified and this is because this prophet, leader and his church wants/wish to perform miracles but doesn’t have the powers and abilities to. So for the church to grow, now the members have to participate by displaying false miracles. There is only one thing to avoid these cock-and-bull stories and is nothing other than to consult like all other prophets for powers privately and the consultation will always be kept a secret and confidential; it is not your Sangoma or iNyanga (Traditional healer) who is your enemy or can be your enemy, it is the other prophet who will envy and fight you for the members and your success or possibly bewitch you. Go for prophetic powers god has never shown up and told you it is seen to source powers from spiritual masters; even Samuel in the bible was blessing with powers and anointing.

What role has powers and the miracles played in religions to this day?

Miracles and Powers has always been the foundation of the strength of the old days prophecy and religions at large especial the biblical religion. Prophecy became the source of powers, authoritative, ruler-ship and control.

Why mostly old men were prophets in the times of ancient living; why only boys and young men nowadays and why so many of them nowadays.

It is no wrong to have many prophets, the population has grown as compared to ancient living but the powers the prophets of today seem to possess is becoming far more than that one of a Messiah himself, true or untrue today’s prophets are followed like people have just closed their eyes and follow. Even though those who don’t have powers to perform miracles and what the followers consider healing and problem solving and protection don’t have followers. Old prophets were mild because their gift was a pure calling today’s boys are hot because theirs is modified and cooked, but still God has never shown up and said that it is sin; it is only people through their judgmental mannerisms who call it sins. Why so many of them; the church has become the most profitable business.

Was Jesus a prophet; are things done by prophets of today aligned with him/his acts

Jesus spoke in the bible according to some bible verses that more and more and so many miracles even far bigger than he performed will be performed by the coming prophets and by both the true and the false prophets,; but though there is a secret behind prophetic powers today.

What is the source of prophetic powers and ability to do miracles nowadays; what is the secret behind?

It is traditional healers, any powerful spiritualists, Sangomas and some spirituals Gurus; it must always be a secret that you consult prophet so that you don’t lose your credit and respect of your followers.

Fame and the followers

In order to be famous you need to be known, in order be successful you need to be in your belief type as a leader you need to be you need to be followed and given wealth in forms of offerings and donations, but still what determine these good outcomes is to have useful and affording followers and be able to keep them with you.

The church and the money.

No money no church and no members (followers) no money, no prophetic and miraculous powers no members, no church and money and no respect.

Competition and Attacks in the Spiritual Realm.

Who are your enemies Prophet? ; It is obvious they are your competitors the other prophets than the outside world and their reason for your attack can be your promising success and the power. Power and success are always attraction to jealousy and attack.

Jealous and blacklist

Your competitors obvious the other prophets might tarnish your growing name by falsifying statement that you are not real to what you and they consider it a real prophet. They may call you names such as Satanic, Demonic and Unholy but if you are equipped with powers you won’t be affected your followers will not listen to them.

Name weight and how to keep your clean sheet

People are your every day’s test and you need to understand and know how to pass their examinations (Your followers) your good sheet relies on your behavior and the characteristic you display. Do you know what people ‘your followers’ expect of you as their prophet, do you know what they expect of you outside your life of a prophecy? Then do just that, display that.

What determines the sustainable life and the weight of a prophet?

Power and the winning attitude of a prophet and his high miraculous acts determine the weight of a prophet and it is obvious. The power is seen by winning over jealousy, witchcraft attacks, attacks in all their forms and types by enemies and be able to run your church profitable.

The enemy in yourself Prophet

. Be careful of the acts in or outside your prophetic gift and in your life that may scare your followers and your audience away. Bear in mind that all your success rely on your fans and all your doings must attract fanatic.

Falling and bankruptcy.

When you see other prophets falling getting bankrupt with their churches ceasing to exist you may think they are fool and stupid until you are faced with such a dilemma. Seven people out of five thousand are left in your church and all the members have left for other churches; you now have to be faced with headaches as in where did you go wrong, nothing is wrong, you lack powers; prophetic and miraculous powers. You did not do something to keep them or you simply did not perform your miraculous and prophetic duties as your competitors and the nearby prophets. Your followers (members) want far more than you can give them and they are seeing it next door or elsewhere. This is where you need miraculous and prophetic powers more than anything and not forgetting the binding of your church.

The prophet of today, the church and the money

. You got to have the blessings to be magnetic to money and the wealth in general; where is your money prophet? Your money is from those people who follow you, your people, your congregation; they are through the Godly stature you ware as a saint your business. So you must have powers, magic, miracles or what name have you that brings you not only the poor of the poorest in your congregation but also the rich, the well-off, the wealthy, the haves and the profile big who will give you the real money and bless you with so many things. Prophet, the blessing from God is always spiritual and hardily in material staff, but more of the blessing you need prophet is from people. Be showered with gift while you work for them and God.

Prophet, catch and keep your birds for yourself.

Some prophets and their churches have become unpaid agents and recruiting workers for other churches. You preach well, you do everything very well, you recruit a lot of people into your church but you cannot keep them for long. Now you and your church have become the preschool for members to learn the church and graduate and go and belong somewhere. What you need to do nowadays to keep your members and have your church growing is simple prophet; Simple perform miracles, have amazing and unique prophetic powers, have amazing acts of prophecy, and be constantly superior as compared to that of others. Then you will be able to keep your church together for a very long time (Until Amen). Remember; you can give it your all but still people always want more, so be always prepared to give more.

Your name and indabulaluvalo, Isikhwehlela and uvalo of a lion (Name spread, weight and respect accompanied by fame and the love of people)

Your name must have a weight prophet, when it is said elsewhere in the world, even if they were talking about someone with the similar name as that of yours, you must come first and everyone else second. Even those who have not seen you in person must believe in your works and want to be part of your congregation. With that, seeing you in person can be of a great price.

The ancient prophets.

Powers and miracles accompanied by dreams have always been the foundation of the strength and the growth of many religion types; since ancient Hebrew, Judaism, and early Christianity until this day today. In everything they considered the church before the coming of Christ, prophets were the key people believed to be the link to God by their people. Even in this day today prophetic powers and miracles are the key success to the growth of the brand name of a prophet. No powers no deal. Without prophecy and miracles said to have happened or performed by the early bible prophets, the bible would be just a book of folktales. To build your empire and your palace, to build a successful brand name as a prophet, you need to be highly miraculous and prophetic, spiritually powered to anoint and be anointed but mostly to be miraculous and prophetic.

Be tough and a powerful Prophet

  Prophet; don’t be simple, don’t be easy, don’t be ordinary people of today are allergic to ordinary staff otherwise you lose out. God has never shown up in person but always help his people through his few chosen ones and the saints through his spirit. Spiritualists differ in their belief types but what is nice about all this is that one spiritualist can source powers even in the belief type that differs from his own as long as he/ she can find high spiritual powers. Your source of powers is your own secret keep to yourself without powers you are vulnerable to defeat;


Khokhovula is a Spiritualist, a spirit medium, traditional healer, a fortune teller altogether. He is an Inyanga, a Sangoma and he is well versed with rituals of people of different ethnics. He was born of the small but spiritually centered Jahunda people and grew up in a broad and famous Nguni cultures and traditional beliefs. He is born in the midst of traditional healing, spirit medium ship and also witchcraft (Psychic attacks).

The families in his father and mother’s sides are filled with traditional healers, spirit mediums, the rain Queens, Witches and Wizards (Izinyanga, Izangoma, Izanusi, Abathandazi Nabathakathi. His father was known for the punishment of thieves, witch-hunt, lightining and rain rituals, casting of ghosts and any kind of evil spirits. He also was well-known for bringing ancestral spirits and families together, giving powers to other spiritualists such as Sangomas, Nyangas, Zanusis, Prophets, church Bishops, Pastors/Priests (Psychic readers, Fortune tellers, Clairvoyance, Spirit mediums, and the rain Queens).

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